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Tiffany & Co. Credits

Tiffany &Co. saw an opportunity in creating a jewelry shopping experience like no other for its Seattle location. Focusing on a younger demographic, they sought to develop a jewelry store where the merchandise was completely accessible to the customer, encouraging them to try the merchandise on, have fun, and find something unexpected. Tiffany wanted to explore a series of highly mutable display elements designed to shift over time to reflect a more fashion focused presentation to their wide range of collections and brought in FRCH Design Worldwide to help execute that vision.

FRCH was charged with designing a space where the presentation freshens over the course of the year. The flexibility gives customers a new experience on a regular basis. The shifting tableaux of visual elements has proved highly adaptable, with the store able to reconfigure its merchandise presentation overnight and is designed around a seasonal rotation of shapes and materials to reflect a changing face of the store on each visit.

The design team developed an open-sell solution with perimeter and floor fixturing that was not the traditional protocol for jewelry stores. In this new concept, the merchandise is not under lock and key.

Rather, sculptural visual merchandising forms were developed to display the product in unexpected ways. Vertical merchandising elements were developed to display the product at eye level, and fabric-lined, “jewelry box” drawers offer the customer endless size and color options.

The product has always been a part of Tiffany & Co. but this format allows the customer to see more merchandise first hand thus creating a perception of new merchandise.

The display elements run the gamut from small in-case pieces to compliment the presentations, to mid-sized groupings of forms around a common theme, to larger more sculptural elements sourced from local artists and crafts people in the markets that each store calls home. Results have been positive and customers are amazed at the extensive product lines this new store format offers. This format has been very favorable with male consumers who find it easier to shop.

Project Name: Tiffany & Co.
Location: Seattle
Square Footage: 2,000 square feet
Architect: FRCH Design Worldwide
Owner: Tiffany & Co.
General Contractor: PWI Construction
MEP Engineer: Henderson Engineers Inc.
Structural Engineer: Paul J. Ford Co.
Photography: Michael Hoiland Photography
Fixture Fabricator: Modern Woodcrafts LLC
Lighting Design: Cooley Monato Studio
Wood Sculpture Fixtures: Fleetwood Fixtures
Fabric & Lacquer Jewelry Display: Chippenhook
Metal Display Forms: Vulkane
Rosewood Supplier: Whittelsey Architectural Wood
Etched Glass & Mirrors: Oldcastle Glass
Exterior Stone & Tile: Stone Source
Porcelain Tile Floors: Mees Distributors Inc.
Furniture: The Dorsey Group Inc.
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