World Trade Center tenant listing

The following is a listing of One World Trade Center and Two World Trade Center tenants, listed by company name, industry and floors occupied, if available. A total of approximately 50,000 workers were employed in the twin 110-story towers.

Tower One (North)

AIG Aviation Brokerage Inc; Insurance Agencies; Floor 53

Agricor Commodities; Corp Investments; Floor 80

Airport Access Program; Financial Institutions; Floor 63

Alan Anthony; Business Consultants

American Bureau of Shipping; Engineers; Floor 91

American Lota International; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 45

American TCC Int’l Group Inc; Investments; Floors 47, 90

Amerson Group Co. Inc; Organizations; Floor 8

Ann Taylor Loft; CNCR

Anne Pope, Law Offices of; Attorneys; Floor 35

Asahi Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 60

ASTDC Inc; Organizations; Floor 46

AT&T Corp; Telecommunication; Floor 51

Auto Imperial Co; Wholesalers; Floor 46

Avenir Inc; Computer Services; Floor 78

Avesta Computer Services Ltd; Data Processing; Floor 21

Avis; Lobby

Baltic Oil Corp; Floor 78

Banco LatinoAmericano de Exportaciones; Financial Institutions; Floor 32

Bank of America; Financial Institutions; Floors 9-11, 81

Bank of Taiwan; Financial Institutions; Floor 53

Barcley Dwyer; Floor 89

Berel & Mullen; Attorneys; Floor 33

Blue Sky Technologies Inc; Computer Services; Floor 46

Bramax Manufacturing (USA) Corp; Wholesalers; Floor 52

Bright China Capital Ltd; Investments; Floor 84

Broad USA Inc; Wholesalers; Floor 89

Brown & Wood LLP; Attorneys; Floors 54, 56-59

C&P Press; Business Services; Floor 51

California Bank & Trust; Financial Institution; Floor 16

Can-Achieve; Business Consultants; Floor 46

Cantor Fitzgerald Securities; Investments; Floor 101-105

Cedar Capital Management Associates Inc; Floor 78

Cedel Bank; Investments

Chang HWA Commercial Bank; Financial Institutions; Floor 32

Channel 11 (WPIX); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Channel 2 (WCBS); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Channel 31 (WBIS); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Channel 4 (NBC); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Channel 47 (WNJU); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Channel 5; (WNYW); Cable/Television; Floor 110

Cheng Cheng Enterprises Holding Inc; Retailers; Floor 78

Cheng Xiang Trading USA Inc; Computer Services; Floor 22

Chicago Options Exchange Corp.; Investments; Floor 22

China Construction America Inc; Construction; Floor 45

China Daily Distribution Corp; Business Services; Floor 33

China Patent & Trademark USA; Attorneys; Floor 29

China Resource Products USA Ltd; Floor 53

CIIC Group (USA) Ltd; Investments; Floor 89

CNN; Floor 110

Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Investments; Floor 89

Consolidated Steelex Corp; Manufacturing; Floor 46

Continental Logistics Inc; Business Services; Floor 21

Daehan International; Investments; Floor 89

Dahao USA Corp; Wholesalers; Floor 46

Dai-Ichi Kangyo Trust Co; Trusts; Floors 48-50

Data Transmission Network Corp; Floor 33

David Peterson; Attorneys; Floor 84

Daynard & Van Thunen Co; Insurance Agencies; Floor 79

Delta Airlines; Transportation/Utilities; LBBY

Dongwon Securities Co Ltd; Investments; Floor 21

Dr. Tadasu Tokumaru M.D.; Doctors; Floor 21

Drinker Biddle & Reath; Attorneys; Floor 89

Dun & Bradstreet Inc; Research; Floor 14

Dunavant Commodity Corp; Investments; Floor 45

eMeritus Communications; Telecommunication; Floor 83

Empire Health Choice; Insurance Agencies; Floors 17, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27-31

Employee Merit; Employment Agencies; Floor 45

Fertitta Enterprises; Floor 45

First Liberty Investment Group; Investments; Floor 79

Fred Alger Management Inc; Investments; Floor 93

Friends Ivory & Sime Inc; Investments; Floor 21

Friends Villas Fischer Trust; Investments; Floors 21

G.Z. Stephens Inc; Employment Agencies; Floor 47

G.C. Services; Collection Agencies; Floor 22

Garban-Intercapital; Investments; Floors 25-26

Gayer Shyu & Wiesel; Investments; Floor 52

Gayer, Shyu & Wiesel; Accountants; Floor 5

Geiger & Geiger; Attorneys; Floor 78

General Telecommunications; Floor 83

Global Crossings Holdings Ltd; Computer Services; Floor 83

Gold Sky Inc; Manufacturing; Floor 22

Golden King (USA) Limited; Transportation/utilities; Floor 33

Government of Thailand; Floor 37

Greatest Bar on Earth; Floor 107

Hal Roth Agency Inc; Insurance Agencies; Floor 77

Hill Betts & Nash LLP; Attorneys; Floor 52

Howly (US) Corp; Floor 52

Hu Tong International (USA) Co Ltd; Wholesalers; Floor 33

Hyundai Securities Co Ltd; Investments; Floor 78

Infotech; Floor 21

Instinet Inc; Investments; Floors 13, 14

International Office Centers Corp; Business Services; Floor 79

International Trade Center Inc; Public Relations Agencies; Floor 78

Intrust Investment Realty Inc; Floor 80

J&X Tans International; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 46

Julien J. Studley Inc.; Real Estate; Floor 86

Jun He Law Office LLC; Attorneys; Floor 77

Kaiser Overseas Inc; Manufacturing; Floor 22

Kanebo Information Systems Corp; Computer Services; Floor 46

Keenan Power & Andrews; Attorneys; Floor 53

Kemper Insurance Co; Insurance agencies; Floors 35,36

Kidder Peabody & Co; Floor 101

KITC; Investments; Floor 84

Korea Local Authorities Foundation; Government/Schools; Floor 78

Koudis International Inc; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 33

Landmark Education Corp; Government/Schools; Floor 78

Lava Trading LLC; Floor 83

Law Offices of Roman V. Popik; Attorneys; Floor 21

Leeds & Morelli; Attorneys; Floor 52

Lehman Brothers; Suites 4047, 3841, 3941

Lehman Brothers; Floors 38-40

LG Insurance Co

LG Securities America Inc; Investments; Floor 84

Lief International USA; Manufacturing; Floor 21

LoCurto & Funk Inc; Investments; Floor 53

M.A. Katz, CPA; Accountants; Floor 45

MANAA Trading Group Inc; Investments; Floor 33

Marsh USA Inc; Insurance Agencies; Floors 93-100

Martin Progressive LLC; Computer Services; Floor 77

May Davis Gorup; Investments; Floor 87

Mechanical Floor; Floors 41-43

Meganet Management Consultants Inc; Computer Services; Floor 77

Meridian Ventures Holding Inc; Floor 78

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co; Insurance Agencies; Floor 89

MIS Service Co; Floor 33

MLU Investment; Floor 22

Mutual International Forwarding; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 89

N.Y. Society of Security Analysts; Government/Schools; Floor 44

Natural Nydegger Transport Corp; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 53

Network Plus; Telecommunication; Floor 81

New Continental Enterprises; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 81

New-ey International Corp; Business Services; Floor 77

NFA/GGG Inc; Floor 47

Nikko Securities; Financial Institutions; Floor 79

Noga Commodities Overseas Inc; Investments; Floor 80

North Tower

Northern Trust International Banking Corp; Financial Institution

NY Coffee Station

NY Metro Transportation Council; Government/Schools; Floor 82

Okasan International (American) Inc; Investments; Floor 52

Okato Shoji Co Ltd; Computer Services; Floor 79

Olympia Airport Express; LBBY

Overseas Union Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 39

P. Wolfe Consultants; Business Consultants; Floor 22

Pace University; Government/Schools; Floor 55

Pacific American Co; Wholesalers; Floor 47

Pacrim Trading & Shipping Inc; Transportation/Utilities; Floors 53,78

Phink Path; Employment Agencies; Floor 78

Porcella Vicini & Co; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 11

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey; Government/Schools; Floors 3,14,19,24,28,31

Pure Energy Corp; Wholesalers; Floors 45, 53

Quint Amasis L.L.C.; Business Services; Floor 47

R.H. Wrightson & Associates Inc; Investments; Floor 25

Rachel & Associates Inc; Investments; Floor 25

Regional Alliance Small Contractors; Construction; Floor 38

RGL Gallagher PC; Accountants; Floor 52

Richard A. Zimmerman Esq.; Attorneys; Floor 52

RLI Insurance Co; Insurance Agencies; Floor 80

Rohde & Liesenfeld Inc; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 32

Royal Thai Embassy Office; Government/Schools

San-In Godo Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 84

Sassoons Inc; Floor 45

Securant Technologies; Computer Services; Floor 79

Security Traders Association Inc; Organizations; Floor 45

Serko & Simon; Attorneys; Floor 33

Shizuoka Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 80

Sinopec USA Inc; Wholesalers; Floor 46

SMW Trading Corp; Investments; Floor 85

SRA; Floor 45

Strategic Communications Inc; Telecommunication; Floor 89

Strawberry; Retailers; CNCR

Streamline Capital LLC; Floor 45

Suggested Open Systems Inc; Computer Services; Floor 46

Suntendy America Inc; Wholesalers; Floor 46

T&T Enterprises International Inc; Miscellaneous; Floor 46

Tai Fook Securities; Investments; Floor 22, 39

Taipei Bank; Financial Institutions; Floor 83

Temenos USA Inc; Wholesalers; Floor 52, 84

Tes USA Inc; Investments

Thai Farmers Bank; Financial Institutions; Floor 7

The Beast.Comm; Computer Services; Floor 80

The Chugoku Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 90

The Company Store; Retailers; Floor 45

The Cultural Institutions Retirement Systems; Trusts; Floor 39

The Nishi-Nippon Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 102

The SCPIE Co; Floor 22

The Williams Capital Group; Floor 52

Thermo Electron; Floor 85

Tower Computer Service; Retailers; Floor 21

Traders Access Center; Investments; Floor 78

Turner Construction Co; Construction; Floor 38

Unicom Capital Advisors LLP; Investments; Floors 22, 84

United Hercules Inc; Travel Agencies/Tours

United Seamen’s Service AMMLA; Social Services; Floor 21

W.J. Export-Import Inc; Wholesalers; Floor 47

Wai Gao Quiao USA Inc; Business Consultants; Floor 89

Wall Street Planning Association; Floor 89

Windows on the World; Retailers; Floor 108

World Trade Centers Association; Organizations; Floor 77

World Trade Club; Floor 107

World Trade Institute; Floor 55

World Travel; Travel Agencies/Tours; Floor 29

Xcel Federal Credit Union; Financial Institutions; Floor 39

Yong Ren America Inc; Floor 46

Zim American Israeli Shipping Co; Transportation/Utilities; Floors 16, 17

Tower Two (South)

ABN-AMRO Inc; Mortgage brokers; Floor 35

Adecco SA; Employment Agencies; Floor 21

Alliance Consulting; Business Consultants; Floor 18

Allstate Insurance Co; Insurance Agencies; Floor 24

Antal International Inc; Employment Agencies; Floor 22

AON Corp; Insurance Agencies; Floors 92, 99, 100

Atlantic Bank of New York; Financial Institutions; Floor 106; Floor 84

Big A Travel Agency; Travel Agencies/Tours; Floor 28

Candia Shipping; Wholesalers; Floor 15

Career Engine; Research; Floor 21

Caserta & Co; Floor 18

Chama Chemicals Inc; Manufacturing; Floor 14

Charoen Pokphand USA Inc; Transportation/Utilities; Floor 21

Chen, Lin, Li, & Jiang LLP; Investments; Floor 18

China Chamber of Commerce Inc; Organizations; Floor 24


Colortek Kodak Imaging Center; Business Services; Floor 1

Commerzbank Capital Markets; Investments; Floor 32

Continental Insurance Co

Corporation Service Co; Floor 87

December First Productions LLC; Floor 24

Dow Jones & Co; Printers/Publishers; Floors 57, 58

EuroBrokers Inc; Investments; Floor 12

Fiduciary Trust Company International; Financial Institutions; Floors 90, 94, 95, 96, 97

Fireman’s Fund Insurance Co; Insurance Agencies; Floor 48

First Commercial Bank; Financial Institutions; Floor 78

Frenkel & Co Inc; Insurance Agencies; Floor 35, 36

Fuji Bank; Financial Institutions; Floors 79-82

Garban Intercapital, Floor 55

Gibbs & Hill; Engineers; Floor 91

Globe Tour & Travel; Travel Agencies/Tours; Floor 24

Guy Carpenter; Insurance Agencies; Floors 47-54

Harris Beach & Wilcox LLP; Attorneys; Floor 85

Hartford Steam Boiler; Insurance Agencies; Floor 30

Hua Nan Commercial Bank Ltd; Financial Institutions; Floor 28

Intera Group Inc; Employment Agencies; Floor 18

James T. Ratner, Law Office of; Attorneys; Floor 15

John J. McMullen Associates Inc; Engineers; Floor 15

John W. Loofbourrow Associates Inc; Investments; Floor 15

Johnston & Murphy; CNCR

Keefe, Bruyette & Woods; Investments; Floors 85, 88, 89

Law Office of Joseph Bellard; Attorneys; Floor 28

Law Offices of Abad, Castilla and Mallonga; Attorneys; Floor 18

Mancini Duffy; Architects; Floors 15, 21, 22

Morgan Stanley; Investments; Floors 43-46, 56, 59-74

N.Y. Institute of Finance; Business Consultants; Floor 17

N.Y. Shipping Association; Transportation/Utilities; Floors 19, 20

National Development & Research Institute; Research; Floor 16

New York Stock Exchange Inc; Floors 28-30

Nichols Foundation Inc; Government/Schools; GRND

NY State Department of Taxation & Finance; Government/Schools; Floors 86, 87

Openheimer Funds Inc; Investments; Floors 31-34

Orient International; Floor 15

Paging Network of New York; Telecommunication; Floor 14

Patinka International (USA) Inc; Business Services; Floor 14

Pines Investment Inc; Floor 18

Professional Assistance & Consulting; Business Consultants; Floor 18

Raytheon Co; Manufacturing; Floor 91

Regus Busines Centres; Employment Agencies; Floor 93

Sandler O’Neill & Partners; Investments; Floor 104

SCOR U.S. Corp; Insurance Agencies; Floors 23, 24

Seabury & Smith; Insurance Agencies; Floor 49

Showtime Pictures; Business Services; Floors 18, 107

Sinochem American Holdings Inc; Investments; Floor 22

Sinolion (USA); Floor 24

Sitalong International USA Inc; Floor 40

Sun Microsystems Inc; Computer Services; Floors 25, 26

TD Waterhouse Group Inc; Investments; Floor 24

Thacher, Proffitt & Wood; Attorneys; Floors 20, 38-40

Union Bank of California International; Financial Institutions; Floor 14

Unistrat Corp of America; Business Consultants; Floor 23

Verizon Communications; Telecommunication; Floors LL, 9-12

Washington Mutual Inc; Floor 22

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor; Government/Schools; Floor 19

Weatherly Securities Corp; Investments; Floor 29

Weiland International; Investments; Floor 18

Xerox Document Co; Manufacturing; Floor BSMT

Source: Washington Post

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