10 Must Reads for the CRE Industry Today (April 6, 2018)

Albertsons will roll out Plated meal kits to its stores by the end of 2018, CNBC reports. Real estate experts discuss affordability and foreign buyer taxes with Forbes. These are among today’s must reads from around the commercial real estate industry.

  1. Albertsons to Roll Out Plated Meal Kits to Hundreds of Its Stores by End of YearAlbertsons announced plans on Thursday to roll out its Plated meal kits to hundreds of its stores this year.” (CNBC)
  2. Seven Real Estate Pros Weigh in on Affordability and Foreign Buyer Taxes “The impact of the tax hike in metro Vancouver remains to be seen, but the move has sparked conversation about whether American cities like New York and San Francisco should do the same. We asked the experts of Forbes Real Estate Councilto weigh in.” (Forbes)
  3. Here Are All the Store Closures We Know Are Coming in 2018 “Thousands of stores are going dark in 2018. The latest closures announced by Toys R Us added to an industrywide headache shared by retailers and real estate developers.” (CNBC)
  4. Home Buying Market So Brutal, Some Home Buyers Make Offer Sight Unseen “This spring home-buying season should be a coming-out party for Millennials, many of whom are finally ready to make a purchase after hunkering down for years in their parents’ basements or expensive apartments. The only problem: Much of the food at the party is gone, and what’s left is priced like caviar.” (USA Today)
  5. Lost Your Investment Real Estate to a Natural Disaster? Don’t Get Caught in a Tax TrapIf you were unfortunate enough to have lost investment real estate to a disaster, eminent domain or condemnation, you may be faced with yet another loss: income taxes from your settlement proceeds. If you have investment real estate proceeds from insurance or from a forced sale, gain must be calculated based on your depreciated cost basis in the investment.” (Kiplinger)
  6. Five Surprising Ways Driverless Cars Will Affect Real Estate “For most of the last century, the automotive industry has focused on developing more powerful, comfortable and fuel-efficient vehicles for drivers. But over the past decade, automakers have begun asking a much more exciting question: What if we didn’t need a driver at all?” (Forbes)
  7. The Big Risk of a Trade War: Inflation “There is never a good time to start a trade war. But in 2018, the shots exchanged by the U.S. and China could be particularly troubling for investors, because they stoke a fear that has already rocked markets: inflation.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  8. Mold Plagues NJ Renters Who Have Nowhere to Turn “A bucket of bleach and a little elbow grease won’t solve James’ housing issues. A breakdown in New Jersey’s tenant protection laws, coupled with the lack of any regulations pertaining to mold, has left her in an impossible bind. James says that when her landlord failed to do anything to correct the mold issues, she withheld her rent, as allowed under the law. But the strategy backfired miserably.” (Asbury Park Press)
  9. S. Job Growth Slowed in March; Unemployment Rate Held at 4.1% “The pace of hiring slowed in March and the unemployment rate held at a 17-year low, hinting that a tight labor market is making it more difficult for some businesses to find workers.” (Wall Street Journal, subscription required)
  10. This Supermarket Is Tops in Customer Experience Across All Industries “Wegmans deliver the best customer experience – and not just in the supermarket sector.” (Chain Store Age)
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