PRESS RELEASE: Summit Extensively Expands Its Washington, D.C., Headquarters To Accommodate Its Significant Ongoing Staff Growth

Washington, D.C. – Summit, a Washington, D.C.-based provider of sophisticated data analysis and related services to Federal Government agencies as well as private sector clients, announces today that it has expanded its corporate office by more than one-third to provide the firm with ample room to continue its hiring of new professionals.

Since settling into its current Chinatown headquarters in July of 2012, Summit’s staff has nearly doubled to roughly 70 people. And, already this year, the firm has brought on board 21 new professionals, with Summit also presently filling 13 open roles.

As a result, the highly specialized consultancy has boosted the total square footage that it occupies on the third floor at 718 7th St. NW by 38 percent.

The firm’s new space underwent a considerable renovation, which recently wrapped up. Summit’s Architectural Review Committee, led by Operations Manager Catherine Tucker, helped to consider the expansion’s configuration prior to construction beginning.

The plan included a bigger office area to accommodate new desks and conference rooms, as well as upgraded technology to conduct training sessions and hold meetings, either internally or with clients. There are other improvements, too, such as a library and an enclosed loft for managers and engagement leadership.

“It was important for the office layout to support the culture of the firm,” says Summit Human Capital Manager Jennifer Folsom. “That's why you'll see teams working in an open floor plan to facilitate collaboration, but also a quiet library for contemplation of big data sets and policy implications.”

Adds Summit Principal Anthony Curcio: “We’re extremely excited to complete the renovation of our expanded office space. This additional room allows specialized teams to collaborate in both small and large groups in a quiet setting, and it provides us with the resources to work even more efficiently.”

About Summit:

Founded in 2003, Summit is a Washington, D.C.-based specialized analytics-advisory firm that guides Federal agencies, financial institutions, and litigators as they decode their most complex analytical challenges. Summit’s staff of Economists, Econometricians and Research Scientists use quantitative techniques to assist our clients as they score and model risk, evaluate program performance, forecast cash flows, and estimate economic damage. At Summit, we solve complex analytical challenges with unparalleled customer service and extensive client collaboration. The solutions are complete only when they are understood by our clients and solve their problems. Summit’s Principals, Academics and Research Scientists are recognized experts in their fields, and they are capable of leading large and small solution teams. Summit: complexity simplified. For more information, please visit

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