PRESS RELEASE: Trimont Achieves 2013 Goal – In September

ATLANTA— Trimont Real Estate Advisors has achieved its 2013 goal for underwriting assignments for new commercial mortgage loans and portfolio trades – three months ahead of schedule. Through September, the commercial real estate financial service provider has underwritten 916 loans and 1,080 properties with combined values in excess of $10 billion.

From offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Amsterdam and London, Trimont has underwritten newly originated loans, balance sheet portfolios and collateralized debt obligations, as well as recently acquired performing and non-performing loan pools.

Trimont Principal Greg Winchester said that commercial real estate sales and new mortgages are driving demand.  “As our clients have increased originations, driving year-to-date production 50 percent higher than the 2012 level, we’ve shifted focus to growth in new commercial mortgage lending and portfolio trades,” Winchester said. “We expect a strong finish to the year and momentum heading into 2014.”

Existing and new clients have retained Trimont this year to underwrite newly originated loans, balance sheet portfolios, CDO positions and the acquisition of both performing and non-performing pools of loans.  “What’s been amazing,” said Senior Vice President Robert Brasfield, “is the scope of assignments.  We’ve not just focused on new origination underwriting, but also portfolio acquisitions, balance sheet revaluations, CDO re-underwriting and site inspections.  In addition, we’ve provided risk assessment and screening for several new B-Piece bidders.”

Trimont’s 220 employees are celebrating their company’s 25th anniversary during 2013. Since its founding in 1988, the organization and its highly experienced staff have performed due diligence and underwriting services for 80 clients, accounting for more than $60 billion of transactions and 11,000 properties.

John D’Amico, who directs special assets and underwriting, cited growth in Trimont’s client base as major companies expand their portfolios. “At the same time our scope of work for existing clients continues to expand as they grow their loan pools and reassess investments amid new regulations. Our workout business has done – and continues to do – a yeoman’s job resolving special assets, and now we are growing with underwriting and asset management services.”

About Trimont Real Estate Advisors

Trimont Real Estate Advisors ( provides a full range of services to real estate lenders and investors on both debt and equity investments.  Core services include asset management (primary, construction and special), asset servicing, bond finance services, underwriting and due diligence consulting.  Trimont is rated as a Primary Servicer, Construction Servicer and Special Servicer by Fitch, Kroll and Standard & Poor’s.

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