Retail Traffic

NEWS: An Ounce of Prevention

With the United States at war, the nation is once again on Orange Alert. The Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and International Council of Shopping Centers, however, have indicated that no credible threats of terrorism against America's shopping centers exist.

But that has not stopped shopping center owners and operators from implementing heightened security measures, both obvious and inconspicuous, to protect their customers in case of attack. Among the strategies:

  • Increased patrols by uniformed and non-uniformed security personnel and local police at shopping centers

  • Prohibition of overnight parking

  • Prohibition of curbside parking

  • Placement of blockades in front of entrances

  • Increased use of surveillance cameras

  • Loading dock and supply corridor lockdown

  • Searches of incoming deliveries

  • Background investigations of shopping center personnel

  • Prescreening and identification checks of workmen

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