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Super Bowl Spurs Retail Sales

Super Bowl parties are expected to generate big sales on team apparel and electronics this year, according to a survey conducted for the National Retail Federation by BIGresearch, a consumer market intelligence firm in Worthington, Ohio.

Consumers are expected to buy 4.5 million pieces of team apparel or accessories, including hats, coats and T-shirts. They'll also take home 1.5 million television sets in preparation for next Sunday's big game, reports the NRF 2004 Super Bowl Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey.

Of the 8,683 people surveyed from January 8 through 14, 14.4 percent said they will attend parties, 5.8 percent plan on buying new televisions, and 10.2 percent will purchase team apparel, according to the survey. An additional 3.3 percent said they'd pick up new furniture, including love seats and recliners.

Sales are expected to be high, but it's too soon to predict numbers, says Philip Rist, vice president of strategic initiatives at BIGresearch. "The numbers will probably not be a great as sales for Valentine's Day," says Scott Krugman, a spokesman for NRF. "Because Super Bowl Sunday is generally not a gift-giving holiday."

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