Aptech Picks Clarabridge Text Analytics for Hotel Performance Measurement

Guest satisfaction ranks high in importance for most hotels, and Aptech Computer Systems, a provider of hospitality software related to accounting and performance management, aims to help hotel operators understand and use the feedback from their guests.

Aptech has chosen Clarabridge, a provider of software used by many Fortune 1000 companies, to power its sentiment and text analytics for hotel operators. The Clarabridge technology will be part of Aptech’s Execuvue Business Intelligence solution and give hotel operators the means to correlate the response of guests with property performance.

“Aptech continues to extend the reach of its business intelligence realm,” said Aptech Vice President Cam Troutman. “We are adding Clarabridge’s text analytics technology to give hotel operators visibility into the impact guest experience has on performance.”

Execuvue combines data from aspects of a hotel operation including daily revenue, finance, guest satisfaction and now, guest sentiment metrics, to enable hotel operators to make more profitable decisions. “With Clarabridge’s solution, we will integrate guest sentiment data in our dashboards for fast analysis and drill down capability so owners and operators can view individual guest comments regarding specific hotels,” said Troutman.

Execuvue customers can see their satisfaction scores or drill down to find individual guest comments, allowing them to understand the root cause of customer issues and provide solutions, added Tony Lopresti, Clarabridge vice president of marketing and sales.

Execuvue is a web-based enterprise business intelligence application for hotel companies that coordinates data from sources including Smith Travel Research, into accessible information. Extended Stay Hotels, Innkeepers Hospitality, Ashford Hospitality Trust, and Peabody Hotel Group are among the hotel companies using Aptech systems.

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