High-definition flat screen monitors are becoming fixtures in the lobbies of many major office buildings.

In January, Office Media Network (OMN) announced agreements with 11 new partners -- among them HRPT Properties Trust and the Chicago Board of Trade Building -- to install streaming monitors in more than 90 office buildings throughout the country. OMN developed the Wall Street Journal Office Network in 2006. The twofold service offers updated news coverage from the Journal plus vital life safety information in the event of a building-wide emergency.

With this January agreement, OMN will have flat screen panels in two global stock exchanges, Chicago and Philadelphia. Nor was OMN the only digital signage provider bidding for that opportunity: According to Kevin Lennon, vice president of real estate operations at Chicago’s Board of Trade Building, the OMN system offered the best balance of “timely building and security information, and streaming general news.”

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