Satellite mapping technology is helping business travelers single out the best-located accommodations

Last month, global corporate housing provider BridgeStreet Worldwide began offering its clients detailed interactive maps of several dozen cities where it manages executive housing units. By using Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping software, the company can give clients high-resolution satellite imagery with aerial views of apartment communities. The software provides an interactive mapping function for points of interest near the apartment communities.

β€œIt’s important for our Web site to provide an efficient, easy-to-use online experience β€” including our mapping solution,” says Jon Wohlefert, senior vice president of marketing and sales for BridgeStreet Worldwide.

The interactive Web site shows real-time maps of all BridgeStreet accommodations in relation to office and airport locations. Another advantage: BridgeStreet can use the software to model real-time building vacancy, then overlay that data on customer travel patterns. Wohlefort believes this will help the company better anticipate where to provide housing units for clients.

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