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Today's upscale consumer demands a shopping “experience” rather than the simple fulfillment of their need for goods and services. Today's consumer is very aware of quality of life issues and that awareness often guides them in their choices. When it comes to acquiring both the necessities and luxuries consumers desire, the choice of where to shop can be driven less by convenience and more by a hard-to-define comfort factor. That leads us to wonder what the average upscale consumer expects (consciously or unconsciously) when selecting one shopping center over another.

Because we are social animals, there is a fundamental need for interaction hard-wired into each of us. People like to watch people. We like variety in our surroundings yet at the same time, we like familiarity. These issues are not new. Decades ago, early retail destinations such as Easton Town Center and Country Club Plaza confirmed the benefits of creating a comfortable and inviting shopping experience.

At HKW, we understand these issues. We strive for authenticity in the places we design, and in so doing, our centers become an extension of the community. Consumers choose to shop there. More importantly, they choose to linger and relax. That social interaction we all crave serves to bring people together and create that memorable shopping experience.

It's the architectural equivalent of “comfort food.” Come check out our menu.


HKW Associates Two North 20th
Suite 100
Birmingham, AL 35203

Phone: 205.320.0320

Fax: 205.320.0323


Email: [email protected]

Size of Firm: 24

Year Established: 1994

Key Contact: Fred Keith, President

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