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Today's commercial real estate development community is faced with a myriad of sometimes seemingly contradictory concerns and issues. To help clients get through this labyrinth with a built project that satisfies the desires of cities and communities while retaining the goal of developing a financially successful project, Perkowitz + Ruth Architects offers clients a multifaceted team of architects with backgrounds in design and architecture for various disciplines β€” urban planning, retail store and centers, entertainment districts, theatres, restaurants, hotels, residential and institutional β€” that may combine on any project to create the contemporary mix of uses that are becoming parts of our cities and towns. A contemporary retail center, including a public library, art museum, or suite of professional offices and residential area over retail or mixed in with retail, is an effort that has come to fruition with increasing regularity.

With five offices, Perkowitz + Ruth Architects works with clients to provide a vision for a project that can reach successful completion. Collaborating with clients, the firm contributes ideas garnered from practical experience and current planning theory to create solutions that work in the real world. For example, in West Hollywood, Studio One Eleven, an urban design studio at Perkowitz + Ruth Architects is working with the Charles Company to create a project with residential units over street-level commercial and retail spaces. The architects at Studio One Eleven gathered input from the city, neighbors to the project and the developer to create the vision for this mixed-use development in a beautiful, successful, sophisticated city where project entitlement issues include affordable housing requirements, public works concerns, economic development, urban design and design review considerations.

β€œIt is essential that a designer bring to the project team the knowledge of what makes a city great and the ability to communicate that to decision-makers, a sense of what will make a skeptical community buy into an idea, and the vision to create a great place that will attract shoppers and residents and outlast today's trends and fads to be a vital and long-lasting part of a community's future,” says Alan Pullman, AIA, associate and director of design for Studio One Eleven at Perkowitz + Ruth Architects.

Contact Info

Address: Perkowitz + Ruth Architects 111 W. Ocean Boulevard 21st Floor Long Beach, CA 90802

Telephone: 562.628.8000

Fax: 562.628.8004

Year Established: 1979

Size of fFrm: 190

Key Contacts: Sy Perkowitz, AIA, PE President and CEO

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