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How do you identify a leader in design?

In today's marketplace good design makes a difference. Consumers want quality over quantity and are finding value in the details. Smart planning affects the way they live and intimate details can transform an entire experience.

But how do you make these features come to life? How do you identify a leader in design that can not only create, but successfully rehabilitate and even invigorate the dullest of locations? The answers lie in the architects' passion to discover, as well as depth and breadth of experience.


To create a truly memorable place, an architect must first be willing to discover. Listening to the needs of the client, demands of the marketplace and desires of the community are all part of the discovery process. Project success relies on discovering the best integration of uses, seeking sustainable alternatives, creating a neighborhood identity and preserving the urban fabric, not to mention staying on the cutting edge of design innovation and planning. With this information, the architect finds balance and works to create a vision alongside the team and client.


However, design is only as strong as its foundation. Depth and breadth of experience enables an architect to achieve quality projects that fulfill owner expectations and meet budgetary and scheduling demands. Successful projects are the result of seamless collaborations and a familiarity with all entities. A solid understanding of varying building types and years of experience are what make a true design leader.

Among the many design leaders in this expansive marketplace, DISCOVER how Perkowitz+Ruth Architects can offer the necessary expertise to create memorable places.

With 28 years of EXPERIENCE, P+R Architects has grown to become one of the nation's top architectural practices. Yet, growth has not diluted the firm's commitment to a collaborative approach. What remains most important is fostering a cooperative spirit in working relationships grounded in experience that leads to quality architecture.


Perkowitz+Ruth Architects
111 West Ocean Blvd., 21st Floor
Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone: 562.628.8000

Fax: 562.628.8005


Email: [email protected]

Size of Firm: 340

Year Established: 1979

Key Contacts: Sy Perkowitz,
President and CEO;
Lauren Glick,
Director of Business Development and Marketing

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