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One glance at a new Main Street-inspired shopping center — complete with paved roads, park benches and public space — and it's clear: The face of retail has changed. No longer marked by sprawling regional malls, each bigger and more opulent than the next, today's retail has a softer, friendlier look, and forges connections with communities, cities and shoppers' everyday lives.

From the super-regionals of the past to the town centers and Main Streets of today, RTKL has been instrumental in setting trends and creating destinations. Traveling resolutely alongside the ever-evolving industry, our architects, engineers, planners and designers have often set the course, creating projects that step outside the lines and challenge long-held principles. We bring an original perspective — one that blends a multitude of disciplines and takes lessons from all areas of our work, from hospitality to corporate to residential and beyond.

Today, RTKL continues our mission to create exciting retail places that best serve their demographics and showcase their tenants in new and better ways. As a firm, we've embraced the shopping center of the future — a place that throws open the doors on traditional retail and reaches out to people and places. As tomorrow's retail destinations emerge as environments infused with the vibrancy and dynamics of everyday living, RTKL will be there — one step ahead of the trend and always looking forward.

Some new projects include Pentagon Row in Arlington, Va., and The Streets at Southpoint in North Carolina.

Pentagon Row is a dynamic mixed-use, retail and residential project that creates a vertical urban streetscape, a public place for concerts and ice skating, and a vibrant, convenient and inviting place to shop, gather and live.

The Streets at Southpoint is taking hybrid malls a step further. The project uses a sheer glass facade and an extensive townscape concept — complete with individual “buildings” — as a means to seamlessly link an outdoor shopping, entertainment and dining area to an enclosed, two-level regional mall.

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