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All I Want for Christmas Is to Avoid the Fiscal Cliff

So being a little bitter about trying to write a story on lodging’s 2013 outlook for our January issue without knowing the result of this fiscal cliff crisis probably isn’t going to draw any sympathy from you, right? If I’m tense about this piddly story, I can only imagine the challenges you’re facing as hotel owners, operators and investors.

Your staffing models, budgets, valuations, forecasts and plans rely on understanding which direction the economy is heading and how much you’re paying in taxes, and whether consumers and companies are happy and traveling for business and pleasure.

And all of that is completely up in the air right now as Democrats and Republicans are one moment this close to a compromise and the next, at a complete impasse. The economy has continued slow and steady growth despite this and by almost all accounts, the hotel industry is poised for another strong year — assuming we don’t fall off the cliff.

Let’s hope a meaningful and positive resolution is reached before the clock strikes 2013. Oh, and disregard that piddly comment. I’m sure my story will be brilliant.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.

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