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Another Major Retailer Opens in Motown

Another Major Retailer Opens in Motown

In spite of its bankruptcy woes, Detroit continues to be on the radar for major retailers. After Whole Foods opened its first store in the city this May, hypermarket operator Meijer is following with a 190,000-sq.-ft. store of its own, in an area of the city that's not far away from still burned-out homes, according to WZZM 13.

The store opening, in Penrose, comes as local developers try to revitalize the area with new rental homes and features such as a community garden. According to a 2012 article from Supermarket News, Meijer will anchor a 360,000-sq.-ft. shopping center adjacent to the Michigan State Fairgrounds. The retailer might also be working on a second Detroit location, in a redeveloped former high school.

WZZM 13 reports:

"Meijer's president, J.K. Symancyk, and many other West Michigan business leaders believe that investing in Detroit is essential for the economic health of the entire state of Michigan.

'"In this case in particular, the stakes are so much higher and there's so much investment in the community- - so many more need for us to fill," said Symancyk." 

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