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Another Ridiculous Hotel Fee

The hotel industry seems destined to become the airline business. As we've ranted about many times, hoteliers needs to reverse the growing trend of nickel-and-dimeing their guests. Travelers hate airlines because of all the extra fees. They'll quickly come to despise the hotel experience, which is the last bastion of comfort and security for travelers, if lodging operators persist in playing the extra-fee game.

The latest edition of this stupidity comes from Las Vegas, where the MGM Grand now charges guests $20 per day to guarantee non-smoking rooms to guests. That's on top of a bunch of other hidden and not-so-hidden fees it tacks on to the bills of mostly unsuspecting guests.

Wake up MGM Grand, wake up Las Vegas, wake up all hoteliers: Lose the fees. It's not worth the extra piddling revenues to permanently piss off your customers.

I'd like to hear from you if you think I'm wrong.

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