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Card Check Looms Again

The Employee Free Choice Act was introduced Tuesday in both houses of Congress (for the news story), this time with more support than three previous efforts thanks to larger Democratic majorities and President Obama. Card Check, as its commonly called, was target No. 1 to AH&LA and the hotel industry, at least until the recent wave of anti-meetings rhetoric coming from the new administration and mainstream media. It didn't take AH&LA long to respond to the latest version of EFCA. On Wednesday, a release was issued, staunchly and firmly against the proposed legislation.

“Small hotels will suffer disproportionately if this bill passes,” said Joe Martin, AH&LA chairman and owner of Stillwater Hospitality, which operates two hotels in Oklahoma. “They have never been subject to intense union organizing pressure, and will face increased costs if their facilities are unionized. Those increased costs can mean the difference between hiring new workers or cutting their labor costs to break even.”

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