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Celebrity has its price

Controversial condo-hotel developer Robert Falor is so miffed at celebutante Nicky Hilton he's considering pulling out of the South Beach Nicky-O he's developing.

Falor, who made his initial mark in the Chicago market two years ago, suggested to The Miami Herald that an Internet video (since pulled) in which Nicky's big sister, Paris, is said to have made racist remarks is giving him cold feet. The video apparently shows Paris mocking Jews and African-Americans, while Nicky is behind the camera.

Construction already is under way on the Florida property, Nicky's first hotel venture, and Falor already has plans for a Chicago Nicky-O. He has praised the younger Hilton's style and celebrity cachet, but he disapproves of this recent shocker. âœI'm very concerned about it (the video),â Falor told the newspaper. âœI'm shocked actually that she would participate in something like that.â

Paris, the Hilton of higher profile, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles, claiming the video, broadcast briefly on YouTube, was âœobtained from her storage unit in California,â according to the newspaper. Falor, meanwhile, is mulling what steps to take.

Pulling out of the project could tarnish Falor's image despite the moral high ground he's apparently trying to occupyâand cost money. Falor already has been the subject of various lawsuits; âœbreaking upâ with a high-profile socialite like the junior Hilton would certainly prompt at least one more.

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