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This concept is so '90s

From across the ocean comes word that those tuneful, bellicose Gallagher brothers at the helm of the nearly famous rock group Oasis are planning to develop hotels in the United States. Theirs may be a notion whose time has come—and gone.

Word is that Liam and Noel Gallagher, those perpetually cheeky Brits who formed Oasis in the early '90s, plan to use titles of their hits as room themes in hotels in Miami, New York and Hollywood. If they succeed, they'll join such other media magnets in the hotel business as U2's Bono and chronic celebutante Nicky Hilton.

According to a source quoted in Britain's Daily Star newspaper, those fabulous, fighting Gallaghers, whose best albums ring with catchy guitar pop, plan to name each of their hotels Supernova Heights, after Noel's former home in North London. They are rumored to have gotten backing from some financial heavyweights in the U.S.

At the same time, their plan to install alcohol and cigarettes in each room of their New York hotel, lending credence to the theme of "Cigarettes and Alcohol," one of their better-known songs, may not fly; non-smoking is a growing trend, after all.

For all we know, the next rock figure to propose a hotel chain will be George Clinton, mastermind of the psychedelic soul band Parliament-Funkadelic. Clinton could be trolling for guests eager to stay in a hotel where they can give up the funk, like Parliament urges, and "Tear the Roof off the Sucker."

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