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Crazy indeed

I usually don't tout other blogs, but I recently found one that's at times amusing and other times disturbing. It's called Crazy Hotel Workers and it can be found at

The site is basically a place where hotel workers—mostly front desk agents—can bitch about customers, managers and at times, other workers. Here is an example of a post today about a type of guest anyone in the hotel industry has run across during their career:

"So this sweaty troll is at the desk, practically foaming at the mouth with rage. She's been out all afternoon and returns to discover that the Slim-Fast she left in her room fridge is still not cold. And how DARE we charge $3 per day to use it when it clearly does not work. Huh? I thought fridges were only by request. 'M'mam. Did you request a fridge in your room?'

troll: I don't have time for your stupid questions. It's the fridge in the closet, bolted to the floor.

me: I'm awfully sorry, but our room SAFES aren't designed to chill your diet shakes."

Check it out. You'll get a good laugh.

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