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Don't Let Your Guests Oversleep

That annual rite of spring—the launch of daylight savings time—comes this Sunday for most areas of the country. (Those not participating include Arizona, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands.) While all of you will probably remember to reset your clocks at home and in your cars, it's important not to forget to do so in your hotels.

A few years ago, someone on our staff was in a Florida hotel on spring vacation. The hotel failed to change the clocks (or, more easily, remind guests to do so) so she and her family missed their flight back home on Sunday morning. Technically, the hotel didn't do anything wrong since it's everyone's personal responsibility to remember these things. However, people on vacation tend to lose track of everyday concerns so it's easy to understand how they can forget the switch to daily savings time.

Here is the easy solution to this situation: Print a reminder about the switch and have your housekeepers put it on every guestroom bed this Saturday.

Happy spring.

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