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Goodbye, my name is Carlo…

I see my colleague Eric Stoessel made his blog debut today. I wish him well in his new position as managing editor. I also welcome Patrick Mahoney, the new associate editor, who starts Monday.

This is my day to say farewell, though it's not my swan song. I'm leaving my job as Features Editor after nearly 19 years with Lodging Hospitality. It's been a great job and I hope to continue contributing to LH from time to time. The magazine has been very good to me and I love the hotel industry, so full of character, color and personality.

Since I began writing about it more than 20 years ago, lodging has become much more dynamic and exciting. It can only grow more so as it becomes ever more global, its content ever richer.

But for me, it's time to move on, to spend more time with my family and, perhaps, develop other kinds of outlets. I look forward to new kinds of relationships with my many friends in the lodging industry. I thank Ed Watkins, my long-time editor and one of the best collaborators I've ever had, for his support, and wish all of the LH staff my very best. May the magazine continue to evolve and excel. In case you want to reach me, the address is [email protected] Be well.

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