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HD Boutique Live: Hot, hot, hot

Quick update from Miami Beach at the HD Boutique show...I'm not sure why, but for some reason it appears the AC was not on, or not working, at the convention center in all areas outside of the exhibition floor. So if you (this idiot) decided to get some fresh air and excercise this morning and chose to walk in the near triple-digit temps, you got a rude awakening if you were expecting a refreshing blast of cold when entering the doors of the convention center. The registration areas and seminar rooms were only slightly less boiling than the outdoor sun. Hey, it worked. I spent a lot of time walking the rows of exhibitors to cool off. Hoping the situation is rectified tomorrow, because there were some really good sessions today and it was definitely more uncomfortable than comfortable. Many an attendee, and panelist, spent the sessions fanning themselves with their programs.

So I'm talking about that instead of the cool products I saw and the enlightening sessions I listened too. I'll write on those in this forum later or in the magazine. The keynote conversation with Jeffrey Beers was interesting and I'll try to check out the session tomorrow on the remaking of the Fontainebleau. There seemed to be less exhibitors, but the foot traffic seemed pretty solid. Maybe that had something to do with the refreshing temperatures...Here's hoping to a better forecast inside the convo center tomorrow.

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