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HD Boutique Rewind

Some quick thoughts after a long trip back to Cleveland (is it possible to fly through LaGuardia without "traffic delays?" I spent more time on the tarmac than in flight)...

HD Boutique is a lot like the HD Expo and Conference in Las Vegas, just on a smaller scale. The Miami version of the event caters to boutique hotels: by definition, smaller and more unique. The three-day event was definitely smaller--the projected 4,000 attendees looked like a little over half that, at least that was the feel of several exhibitors (economy, anyone?). There was some uniqueness, but honestly I expected more at the South Beach locale. I guess many of the companies wisely chose the larger event in Vegas for their splashy debuts and displays.

Still, it was a good show. Some of the sessions were interesting and informative--the Q&A with Steve Wynn design guru Roger Thomas for one--and there were a few products and displays that stood out on the exhibition floor.

For a more complete report, check back here and in the November issue of the magazine for more highlights.

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