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Still awaiting the final numbers on attendance and vendors, but here's a quick recap of last week's HD Expo & Conference. Foot traffic seemed a bit slow, not surprising considering the economy; rumor had it registrations were down from 24,000 to 16,000. I couldn't tell if there were less exhibitors--it still seemed like a lot to me--but I didn't see as many new products this year. Almost seemed like many companies were tweaking or enhancing existing products to showcase...Also not surprising considering the times.

Exhibitors I spoke to seemed moderately pleased with interest and traffic. The quantity may have fallen a bit, but many felt the quality was still there. No major news came from the conference portion of the event. The opening session was the usual state of the industry (which isn't good, stop the presses!). The weather was hot and sunny and Vegas seemed a bit more lively than when i was there a few months ago. There was active construction on the huge CityCenter project, certainly a good sign with all its recent financing concerns and problems.

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