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Heavenly beds, irritating sheets

I've never understood why hotels don't use fitted sheets, particularly with all this emphasis on how great the bed is. Are non-fitted sheets less taxing for housekeeping? Are they cheaper? All I know is that the sheets always seem to get out of control in hotel beds no matter how high their thread count or how upscale the property. Part of that may be due to my sleeping habits, which, since I'm asleep, I can't track very well. But that seems beside the point; sheets that aren't fitted always run the risk of scrunching up, creating those uncomfortable knots and sausages under your back-or, God forbid, pulling away completely so you wake up on a mattress cover or, worse yet, on a bare mattress.

At home, I use fitted sheets; have for years, because they do the job so well that even when I'm tossing and turning, the sheets are steady. Some brands work better than others, and the flannel variety functions best because it seems to expand to the bed (don't use them during the summer, though). I figure this blog is a good place to ask why hotels don't do the same. I wouldn't know which corporate figure to ask at a flag, though an operations person might be just the ticket.

I think it's time all those deluxe beds the brands have been buying and dressing up in fine linens, innumerable pillows and fancy duvets featured sheets of similar stability and style.

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