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HITEC Products Live: Energy Efficiency

Evolve Guest Controls, an affiliated company of the Mason Family of companies, was created to bring energy efficiency to the hospitality industry. Evolve's keycard-based system controls all of the devices in a guestroom, including HVAC, lighting and television.

By inserting his or her keycard in a wall-mounted Evolve card reader, a guest activates all of the devices in a room. When the key is removed, all of the devices are deactivated. Hoteliers can expect a 30- to 50-percent savings on their energy costs with an ROI of less than two years.

The system is easy to install and can be retrofitted to any room type or any property size.

Evolve recently became one of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star partners as a signal of its commitment to saving energy for its customers.

For more information about Evolve, visit the company's website.

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