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HITEC Products Live: Interactive Guestroom Control

At INNCOM International's booth is showcasing a joint project between INNCOM and Enseo, which provides an affordable way to control in-room systems through the guestroom TV remote device.

Through the TV, guests can make changes to in-room temperatures, change light settings, signal “Privacy” or “Make-Up Room” at their doorway, and other popular service requests. Guests can point at user-friendly graphics to change room temperatures, flash the “Privacy” sign, or make special requests to hotel staff.

Even more interesting is that guests can use the system while not having to sacrifice viewing time of a given TV program or in-room movie. A simple bar flashes at the bottom of the TV screen, and guests can keep watching the TV as they make changes for guestroom comfort and convenience. Guests also can put the guestroom into INNCOM's energy “ecoMODE” to notify the hotel that they are willing to participate in the hotel's sustainability practices.

Visit INNCOM's website for more information on this and other products.

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