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HITEC Products Live: No-Battery Door Locks

At its booth, Kaba Lodging Systems is showing new environmentally friendly prototype technology that eliminates the need for replacing batteries in electronic lock units. The ILCO 790 contact-less electronic lock has been modified to have all the benefits and capabilities of a leading RFID hotel lock with the additional “green” twist. Users rotate the lever once before presenting their RFID key to the lock. The lock's electronics are powered using kinetic energy from the lever motion. Go to the website for more information.

Also at the booth, Kaba debuted the Messenger LENS program as part of its SAFLOK brand of electronic locking systems. LENS, or Lock Event Notification System, is subscriber-based software that transmits data from a lock as it occurs. Using job-specific customized profiles, hotels can simultaneously send lock data (entries, door ajar, errors, etc.) to employee work groups to maximize efficiency of their tasks.

Examples of uses include housekeeping inspectors receiving Room Ready alerts on their pagers, maintenance personnel receiving Low Battery alerts on their cell phones or security dispatchers receiving Wandering Intruder and Door Ajar alerts at their PC terminals.

For more information, see the SAFLOK website.

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