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HITEC Products Live: Online Access Control

Security Innovations Inc. unveiled a new integration of a real-time graphical and map viewable solution for total system management. SII, developers of Access-Plus, an on-line access control system for the lodging industry, has integrated several new technologies into one total management solution.

System users, such as guards or hotel managers, can quickly identify alerts throughout a facility using visual maps, floor plans and graphical alerts, then take the necessary control to administer the property. Among guestrooms, recreational facilities and areas of employee access, additional systems features include CCTV, badging and climate control.

More than just a smart card lodging and access control system, Access-Plus has evolved into a complete facility management solution. Effective facility control and use of time management, plus increased security translates to reduced liability and an overall cost savings.

For more information on this and other products, go to SII's website.

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