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Last Look at the LBHDC

In case you missed any of the past week's worth of stories on our Lifestyle/Boutique Hotel Development Conference, here's a quick summary with links. The event was a great success and I hope if you didn't get a chance to check it out in person, these stories will help give you an idea of what went on.

The opening general session helped explain the buzz around the boutique and lifestyle segments.

Keynote speaker Cheryl Rowley said the segments' success proved good design had won.

Investors said the segments are drawing interest because of their profit potential.

Operators agreed good and personalized service was what established a hotel's vibe

Developers agreed financing was just as hard to come by in these segments.

Creating an emotional connection is the key to boutique marketing, said a panel of experts.

A panel of designers agreed the two key points to boutique design were creating a sense of place and delivering an experience.

New lifestyle brands are showing creativity is critical for growth.

And finally, Editor Ed Watkins summed up the event in his recent forum, writing that attendees all seemed to agree that boutique and lifestyle hotels may lead us out of this downturn.

Sorry for all the blue type, but if you're looking back to see what you missed, hopefully this ties it all together.

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