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A mini Y2K

It's not Y2K, but the upcoming switch to daylight savings time has some of the same technology and customer care ramifications as that event (actually, non-event) at the start of the century. Two years ago, Congress passed legislation mandating that daylight savings time start three weeks earlier in the spring and end one week later in the fall. The schedule change starts on Mar. 11 with this year's switch to what my parents used to call "fast time."

As hotel operators, you need to make sure that any and all technology systems are coordinated to make the switch. But more importantly, you must take care on that night and the next morning to make sure all of your guests know about the change and that wake-up calls and any other time-sensitive events go off on schedule and without a hitch. It's not fair to subject your front desk clerks to the wrath of an angry guest who misses a flight or meeting or luncheon appointment on Mar. 12.

Consultant Sally Kelly of BearingPoint offers three simple things you should do to prepare:

1. Educate your staff about the new date.

2. Inventory all hardware and software systems top determine what, if anything, needs to be fixed ahead of time.

3. Check to see if guestroom clock radios automatically adjust for DST. You may need to contact the manufacturer for more details.

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