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More Good News Than Bad in 2010

The last two days we've featured our choices as the 10 biggest stories of the year. Although the top story is distress, and its profound effect on the hotel industry, the majority of our picks are made up of good news: stories of brand launches and relaunches, of collaborations and collections, of renewed optimism and investment in the industry. They reveal a year of hope and optimism compared to the dismal and depressing news from 2009.

Even some of the bad news this year came with some positive. The Gaylord Opryland, which closed for six months after devastating floods destroyed much of the massive resort, is open again after $225 million was spent on renovating guestrooms and public spaces and creating several new f&b outlets.

The hotel industry is resilient. This year was far better than last, and hopefully we can say the same next year at this time.

Happy holidays and let's hope for a more prosperous New Year.

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