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More Greenbrier Gossip

A couple recent stories from newspapers have added some new names to the speculation on who could be interested in buying the Greenbrier. A Charleston (WV) Gazette story last week menioned luminaries like MGM Mirage, Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Donald Trump. A former football player, Hall of Famer Sam Huff, has Marriott connections and believes the company would make sense as a management option if private investors bought the venerable resort. He mentions fellow West Virginian Jerry West, an NBA Hall of Famer, as potentially part of an investment group.

A story today from the Seattle Times reports West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin recently spoke to Trump about the resort.

A football legend, the Lakers owner, the governor...who will next tout the resort? I'd come up with a projected guess, but are there really any other famous West Virginians left (I can get away with that, I lived there for a few years...).

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