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I earlier this morning had the chance to talk to Kurt Ritter, Rezidor CEO, and specifically ask about the potential of Hotel Missoni coming to the U.S., and maybe with the help of Carlson. He said Rezidor would love to have a Hotel Missoni in the U.S., like New York City, but there were not currently plans in the works with Carlson to make that happen. "No," he answered when asked if that might have been the brand Joly was referencing yesterday. "I mean when I say no, that doesn't mean they would not look at it. We have talked about it some, but have not formalized it. With such a new brand, I think it would be much better if we grow and have five or 10 and then look into it."

So whether that was the lifestyle brand Joly mentioned having a file on, who knows. But it does sound like it could be a natural fit, although it may be more higher end then the upscale lifestyle segment Carlson would like to fill. Missoni will add its second location this year in Kuwait in late summer and has projects underway in Oman, Brazil and South Africa.

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