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New boss at PwC

PricewaterhouseCoopers made a smart move yesterday, bumping Scott Berman up to leader of the consulting firm's U.S. hospitality and leisure group. Master hospitality soothsayer Bjorn Hanson, who previously led the group's hotel practice, takes on a lofty new role: the development of research and what the company calls thought leadership.

Berman's appointment is particularly wise, given his most recent experience leading the firm's resort, timeshare, sports, convention and leisure business segments—all of which are huge growth areas for the hospitality business. Based in Miami, Berman also specialized in the Caribbean and Latin American markets, two more areas of potential for the firm and the industry.

Of course, Hanson will remain the heart and soul of the PwC hotel machine. His clear-reasoned and research-heavy analysis of the lodging industry—as well as his finely honed sartorial style—has helped the industry gain the respect and credibility it now enjoys on Wall Street and throughout the real estate and finance worlds.—Ed Watkins, Editor

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