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New Grocery Concept With an Unusual Twist

New Grocery Concept With an Unusual Twist

The grocery sector may be crowded, but it's probably safe to assume this would be the first concept of its kind in the U.S. Red Alert Politics reports that a former Trader Joe's executive is in the process of launching a new retail chain that will sell foods that are just past their expiration date (so presumably they will still be safe enough to eat.) The executive, Doug Rauch, views this as a solution to the social challenge of food that goes to waste--apparently because there is nothing more appetizing than the old refrain "We were going to throw it out anyway."

According to Red Alert Politics:

"Rauch believes that Daily Table will end up competing with fast-food prices once he’s able to convince shoppers that a product just a day after its sell-date hasn’t necessarily gone bad."

Does anybody want to weigh in on this? Does this concept have legs?

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