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Our dirty little secret

It's a drop in the bucket for the adult entertainment industry, but adult movies on demand are big business for hotels. A new industry study from Adult Video News reveals that in-room video-on-demand purchases of adult titles accounts for $500 million in annual sales, or four percent of the $12.6-billion adult industry.

Another revealing statistic from the report: 55 percent of hotel VOD purchases are adult titles. That comes as no surprise to you if you've spent any time behind the front desk or as a night auditor and have had a chance to review guest folios.

A couple of other interesting but non-revelant numbers from the study:

̢ۢ 13,588 hardcore adult video titles will be released this year.

̢ۢ About one-third of adult industry sales are registered by video sales and rentals. Adult Internet sites account for 20 percent of sales.

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