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The power of pie

Who says state legislators don't work hard? In Florida, for example, the House of Representative is in a heated debate over what dessert will reign as the official pie of the Sunshine State. Despite some early support on behalf of pecan from the northern half of the state, the front-runner seems to be key lime.

As the key vote approaches, even lobbyists are weighing in on the subject. The America Pie Council (yes, there is a trade association for every possible industry) is pushing hard for key lime. My only regret is that C-SPAN probably won't be televising the debate and vote in Tallahassee.

By the way, should key lime be adopted as the Florida state pie, it will join apple pie as the only other official state pie (Vermont). Twelve states currently have some type of official food, and several states have multiple representatives. Massachusetts, for example, has five official state foods: muffin (corn), bean (baked navy), dessert (Boston cream pie), cookie (chocolate chip) and donut (Boston cream).

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