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Religious Right invades the industry

Here is some hypocrisy from the religious right: A group led by James Dobson's Focus on the Family is opposing the sale of the Atlanta Braves baseball team to Liberty Media. Calling Liberty Chairman John Malone a "white-collar pornographer," the group doesn't like the fact that Liberty's On Command division sells adult movies in hotel rooms.

By logical extension, then, this group of self-styled do-gooders (it also includes the Concerned Women for America and the Georgia Family Council) should never consider booking a meeting or even a guestroom in just about any chain hotel in the U.S. since nearly every one (except for Omni Hotels) has an adult option on their pay-for-view TV systems.

Yet last fall, Focus on the Family held a conference for physicians at its Colorado Springs headquarters. While the sessions were held on the organizationâ€â„¢s campus, the conference brochure recommended a number of hotels, mostly chain properties that presumably offer in-room movies, some of which are adult-oriented. Similarly, earlier this year the group held drug prevention training programs in Atlanta and Tampa, again at chain hotels.

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