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Somebody Still Likes Exterior Corridors

Red Roof may be having some financial troubles, but many of its guests like the chain for a somewhat-surprising reason: exterior corridors. A new survey commissioned by the chain says many of its customers—bikers, seniors and pet owners, in particular—like the outside entrances found on many of the chain's properties.

The chain thinks it may be tapping into a counter-trend. Marina MacDonald, SVP of sales & marketing, says since many chains are forcing exterior-corridor properties out of their systems, she believes her brand has an opportunity to create a profitable niche. She's got a point: While many travelers view exterior corridor properties as out-of-date, unsafe and drafty, others actually prefer the convenience of a drive-up hotel experience.

To accentuate this advantage Red Roof perceives it has, the chain is planning a spruce-up day at its properties followed by a property-versus-property competition to determine the chain's best-looking exterior.

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