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Sorry neighbour

It may be a tempest in a teapot, but there's a possible cultural flap brewing between the U.S. and Canada over a recently released video that touts our country's natural wonders to potential visitors from around the world. According to a wire report in today's Orlando Sentinel, the video produced by Disney for the federal government shows a brief, but distinct, clip of Niagara Falls.

The problem is that the clip shows the Horseshoe Falls, the only one of three falls in the area that's situated entirely in Canada. And to make matters worse, the clip was shot from a spot on the Ontario side of the falls. In other words, a visitor to the U.S. would need to also go into Canada to see the same perspective.

Knowing the gentle national temperament of Canada, my guess is the slight will be greeted by some mild bemusement, and nothing more, from our gracious neighbors to the north. I shudder to think if the situation were reverse, and some foreign tourism group passed-off video shot in the U.S. as being somewhere else. We'd probably go to war over the incident.

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