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Vote for Your Favorite Design Award Winner

This year's class of Lodging Hospitality Design Award winners all proved impressive design and development could be accomplished during challenging economic times. The Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel in Chicago, the Shore Hotel in Santa Monica, CA and the Omni Dallas all opened last year with more than modest price tags. All were new construction, and all delivered exceptional design.

Like last year, we're asking our readers to choose which one they were most impressed with. Check out all three projects here and find links to photo galleries of each. Then vote for your favorite.

We're not offering cash prizes for the winner. Like the Design Awards contest, this readers' choice poll is just for fun and to showcase three projects we found worthy of discussion. Over the next two weeks, we'll spotlight each of the three in an LHeReport and we'll close the voting and announce the popular champion on Friday, April 27.

Sometime afterward, we'll follow up with someone from the winning property's design team to take a closer look at what made the property stand out.

Check out the design award winners here. Vote for your favorite here.

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