The Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate in 2013

Now that the recovery is under way and we can see the Great Recession receding—albeit slowly—in the rear view mirror, the commercial real estate industry can get back to normal, everyday business. So, what are we up against these days? According to The Counselors of Real Estate, an invitation-only association for top real estate advisors based in Chicago, we've got 10 things to watch out for. The Counselors of Real Estate’s new list of “The Top 10 Issues Affecting Real Estate 2013,” released on June 5, is a study of the day-to-day conditions, complications, problems, obstacles and glitches that are faced by the U.S. commercial real estate industry. The list is adjusted annually in response to global economic conditions and domestic priorities.

The list was developed by The Counselors of Real Estate's external affairs committee, including qualitative feedback from members via polling at the association’s spring conference and a member email survey. As an organization, The Counselors of Real Estate is objective and does not involve itself in advocacy of any kind. Its members are experts in more than 50 real estate specialties.

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