2018 Year-in-Review: Our Top Galleries

We review the most popular galleries we posted in 2018.

As 2018 winds to close we take a look back at some of our most important and popular features. 

At NREI we pride ourselves on providing in-depth reporting and analysis. Our staff and external contributors strive to bring new insights and stay on the cutting edge of trends in the industry. But another big part of our site in recent years has been industry-centric galleries. In 2018 in particular we strove to take external and internal data reports and turn them into quick and informative galleries. That has meant a lot of slideshows ranking markets by all sorts of metrics, whether that's been trends in specific property sectors or more macro-level things like what states are the most people move to right now.

Here we provide a review of the 10 most popular galleries we posted in 2018 based on the response from our readers.  

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