GreenPoint Partners Raises $2M to Develop Efficient Buildings Marketplace

GreenPoint Partners Raises $2M to Develop Efficient Buildings Marketplace

Chicago-based GreenPoint Partners has raised $2.0 million in early-stage capital to accelerate development of its efficient buildings online marketplace, Green Per Square Foot (GreenPSF). Investors include Penton Media (New York), the President’s Forum Capital Group (Chicago), and several high net worth individuals from the commercial real estate and utilities industries.

The GreenPSF platform helps building owners and managers discover ways to reduce operating costs by improving efficiency, and then connects them to more than 250,000 solutions providers that compete to perform efficiency retrofits.

According to GreenPoint CEO Dustin Gellman: “What makes our approach unique is that we focus on bringing people and information together at scale, and simplifying decision making for retrofit projects. Through alliances with Penton Media, with its network of commercial building owners and managers, and numerous national real estate services firms, we are excited to launch with a subscriber base that includes over 500,000 property owners and users, 20,000 property managers, and 250,000 contractors.”

Warren Bimblick, senior vice president of Penton Media, said in a statement: “Today the ‘efficient’ buildings market is highly inefficient, and we aim to change that. GreenPSF will provide much-needed order, transparency, and competition to an otherwise chaotic and fragmented industry that includes thousands of products, solutions providers, financing and incentives.”

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