GRESB’s Green Bond Guidelines

As investment in green building becomes more common around the world, sub-asset classes are emerging across many industry sectors. Market participants are looking for clarification, details and refinement in order to apply the principles of green investment to specific industry sectors and asset classes, and also seek more information on the diversity of investment offerings within the investment world.

GRESB has codified the basis for capital market participants to originate Green Bonds through its 2015 Green Bond Principles. The guidelines for those principles refer, specifically, to debt obligations tied to investment activities targeting both new and existing projects with environmental benefits that can be felt across all industry sectors.

Issuers, underwriters and investors themselves can use the guidelines to specify eligible projects, find appropriate metrics and determine reporting standards and methods in accordance with established real estate industry protocols.

Click through our 2015 Green Bond Guidelines slideshow to see how Green Bonds work.

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