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"Artful adaptation of cartoon style into 3-D."

Shopping, Seuss-style "'I like to be here, oh I like it a lot!' said the Cat in the Hat to the fish in the pot" ... Step into the surreal world of Dr. Seuss at Cats Hats & Things. The shop, located at the Universal Studios Escape theme park in Orlando, Fla., transforms the wit, humor and fun of the eccentric author and illustrator into a retail experience. In the category of New or Renovated Entertainment Stores, AAD, Scottsdale, Ariz., was awarded the 2000 SADI for its design of the project.

The store and the elements within were meticulously detailed to be true to the graphics throughout Seuss's books. The Seuss spirit is channeled through exaggerated proportions, unique ceiling treatments and architecture that continually morphs its shape, color and size. Cats Hats & Things is characterized by bright colors, articulated lighting and teetering, thematic props. The store overpowers the visitor and becomes the entertainment itself, demanding return visits.

AWARD RECIPIENT AAD (ASSOCIATES IN ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN) Scottsdale, Arizona * Michael Steveson, AIA (principal-in-charge); Carl F. Schaffer, AIA (principal, design); Keith Sullivan (studio director); Stacy Molnar, Rodney Jakes, Jarrod Tristan, Sudeep Dey; Brett Weber, Keith Ann Laber (development team)

CLIENT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ESCAPE Orlando, Fla. Product Manufacturers/Suppliers: Illuminating Concepts, Farmington Hills, Mich. (lighting consultant); Hyperline Direction, Cave Creek, Ariz. (creative direction consultant); Capitol Construction, Wheeling, Ill. (contractor); Edwards Technologies, El Segundo, Calif. (audio/video); Fetzer's, Salt Lake City, Utah (fixturing); Junckers, Anaheim, Calif. (flooring); Dodge Regupol, Lancaster, Pa. (flooring); Accurate Reproductions, Apopka, Fla. (theming and graphics); Burnstein Display, New York (mannequins/forms); Decter, Los Angeles (mannequins/forms); RHC Spacemaster, Chicago (props/decoratives); Golden Oldies, New York (props/decoratives)

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