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Attractions Stonebriar Centre is expected to open in August nearly 100% occupied. "We are very pleased with the leasing, especially because of the size of the project," Quinn says. "I think part of the attraction was the merchandise mix that we put together to include the entertainment components," he says.

"The entertainment component adds a different dimension to the center, and we expect people to spend more time at the mall," Quinn says.

The ice arena is anticipated to be a major draw for the mall. "We think the ice arena is a great amenity in this market because of all the families. Taken together with the other entertainment aspects, it just adds something special," Michaels says.

Skating and hockey are among the fastest-growing sports in North Texas. But among the more than a dozen ice rinks in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, none of them combine the convenience of a shopping location with the quality of a full-size, professionally managed skating and hockey facility.

Ice hockey and ice skating have become increasingly popular in the Dallas/Forth worth area, due in part to the Dallas Stars recent successes in the Stanley Cup playoffs. "There is just an increasing amount of interest in the sport over these past few years." The ice arenas available in Dallas have not been able to keep up with the overwhelming demand. "We did our homework, researched the community, and found that there was a real need for another ice rink in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

"I think all developers of regional malls today are looking for different components to add to the mall to create more activity, and more interest from the general public," Howard says.

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